Creaminess and Nutrition Campaign


Peak Milk – The perfect blend of creaminess and nutrition.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you have to do it, do it right! That’s why you should wake up to the creamy and refreshing taste of your favourite Peak Full Cream Milk and experience breakfast the way it should be. It’s more than just milk; it’s a culinary and nutritional powerhouse that provides the right nourishment to your body.
Whether it’s adding richness to your morning coffee or being the secret ingredient in your signature breakfast dish, Peak Milk is your all-in-one companion at the breakfast table. It provides the unique blend of delightful creaminess and vital nutrients, making each meal an unforgettable experience. Sourced from top-quality dairy, it’s a kitchen breakfast essential enjoyed worldwide.

Packed with vital nutrients, Peak Milk is enriched with 28 vitamins and minerals including calcium, and Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Calcium is crucial for healthy and strong bones for growing children; Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and vitamin A is for vision and immunity. Also, Peak Milk is an abundant source of high-quality protein, playing an important role in muscle development, repair, and overall growth. Its carbohydrate content provides the energy required to stay active and alert throughout the day.

Peak Milk is available in full cream, and filled milk variants such as and in both evaporated milk or and powdered milk formats. You can find your nourishing Peak Milk in open markets and neighbourhood stores near you. So the next time you’re out there, reach out for choose Peak Milk and experience creaminess and nourishment in every drop.

Peak Milk is a brand of Friesland Campina: enriching Ghanaians with quality dairy nutrition for 67 years and counting. Our commitment to providing sustainable diets and quality dairy products has made Peak Milk a household name, cherished by families across the nation.